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Tag: Horror movies

Download The Blair Witch 2016 Movie

After finding a video in which her sister Heather appears missing for years, James and his friends decide to go camping in the woods of Burkittsville for a few days. The youth group aims to find out where the girl is and what happened to her. There they begin to experience paranormal phenomena, making their
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Download Attack of the Vegan Zombies Movie

Joe is a troubled winery owner who can’t catch an opportunity. Inclement dry soil and alternative hindrances both explicable and incomprehensible prevent him from having a decent grape harvest and ending his dream of a decent life in the country. His caring and supportive spouse Dionne encourage her husband, however, it’s none of the use.
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Download Attack of the Giant Leeches Movie

Director: Brett Kelly Stars: Mark Courneyea, Kerri Draper, Kevin Preece Releasing Date: 7 July 2008 (Canada) Plot: When numerous members of its inbred populace surface missing, the law officer of a tiny low swamp city believes there is evil afoot. however once one notably intoxicated resident claims to possess seen large leeches in the water,
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Download Hazard Jack Movie

Director: David Worth Writers: Doug Vandegrift, David Worth Stars: Amanda Maddox, Alison Lani, Kevin James Sporman Releasing Date: 13 May 2014 (USA)   Plot: After serving in the army overseas a war veteran returns home not solely ugly but full of posttraumatic stress disorder. Unable to handle society and holding down employment, he moves into an
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Download Filth to Ashes, Flesh to Dust Movie

Director: Paul Morrell Writer(s): Derrick Bishop Stars: Meredith Laine, Linda Bella, Allison Ochmanek Releasing Date: 30 September 2011 (USA) Plot: There is a killer known as Purge who was long thought dead. He likes to torture and murder his victims in ugly fashion, and it might seem that he’s still alive, and still killing. a person
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Download Fistful of Brains Movie

Director: Christine Parker Writers: Christopher Hatton Stars: Jaqueline Martini, Conrad Osborne, Edward Warner Release Date: 10 October 2008 (USA) Plot: In the late 1800s, A little dust-covered city within the mountains of North Carolina gets caught during a vicious battle between 2 brothers. One is that the leader of a mysterious cluster of individuals that
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Download Pray for Morning Movie

Director: Cartney Wearn Stars: Udo Kier, Jonathon Trent, Jessica Stroup Releasing Date: 2006 (USA) Plot: The set up was to spend one night in the abandoned Royal Crescent hotel, wherever in 1985, 5 students were dead, their killer never found. What was speculated to be simply an evening of fun for a gaggle of simply graduated
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