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Why we happily swallow these 20 films if their plots are insane

In the joyful 90s he spent everything in the cinema. How many times have we seen these tapes and we have not noticed how delirious they are

1. Practically magic (1998)


We could argue that it is the definitive film in the history of cinema because it covers all possible genres. It begins as a romantic drama with Sandra Bullock falling in love with a stranger. Melodrama: Bullock enviuda and locks himself in his room, unable even to take care of his two daughters. Social drama: his sister (Nicole Kidman) asks for help to flee from a drug-trafficking boyfriend who mistreats her. Terror: the sisters kill the narco. Comedy of entanglement: they have to hide the corpse and take time to drink margaritas with their aunts in the kitchen. The sixth genre, the 123freemovies ‘thriller’, happens with the visit of a policeman who is investigating the disappearance of the drug trafficker. And the supernatural genre is missing: the ghost of the abuser appears and the policeman confronts him, gun in hand, in the attic. At this stage,

2.Caught in time (1993)


Bill Murray is sentenced to repeat the same day during, depending on the calculations, two weeks (according to studio executives) and 10,000 years (according to the director) in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Murray takes advantage to fulfill all his dreams: become a cowboy named Bronco, learn to play the piano, commit suicide and fall in love with Andie McDowell. ‘Trapped in time’ manages the ellipsis through the script and the assembly assuming intelligence on the part of the viewer, and has passed to posterity as the only romantic comedy that most men (publicly acknowledge that) enjoy. The film turned sarcasm into a way of life, coined the concept of “marmot day” to refer to the vital boredom and made us never listen to ‘I Got You Babe‘ by Sonny and Cher, without remembering it.

3. Compulsive Liar (1997)


If someone asks you why the audience loved Jim Carrey, give him this movie. If someone asks you why many hated you, give him this movie. ‘Compulsive liar’ is Carrey unleashed (which is already saying): because of a wish requested by his son, the lawyer Fletcher Reede can not lie. This absurd premise (only possible in the happy 90’s) is enough for Carrey to take the film to the finish line. He insults everyone who crosses his corridor, praises his neighbor’s breasts for two uncomfortable minutes and confesses to farting in the elevator. “Nothing can stop La Garra”, shouts Fletcher and, in 1997, nothing could stop Jim Carrey.

4. Mrs. Doubtfire, dad for life (1993)

In the 90s, Hollywood did not like Hollywood more than a man taking care of children: ‘Look who’s talking’, ‘Three singles and a bottle’, ‘Arizona Baby’, ‘This boy is a demon’ … Following this logic, Can there be something more funny than Robin Williams dressed as an old woman? Yes: Robin Williams dressed as an old woman whose breasts are set on fire. ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ was the first family comedy to address divorce. The protagonist “has no choice but” to cross dress to see their children, because his wife (Sally Field, portrayed as a witch because he does not like to come from work and find goats in his living room) does not grant a regime of visits The suicide of Williams in 2014 deprived us of seeing him playing characters of endearing grandfather, so ‘Lady Doubtfire’

5. Sister Act, a nun of care (1992)

Deloris Van Cartier is a hostess who witnesses a murder perpetrated by her mafioso boyfriend (Harvey Keitel), so the police are forced to put her in the witness protection program: the only solution, apparently, is to impersonate by nun. In the convent, Deloris will learn the meaning of friendship and will teach the nuns that helping the community is not at odds with moving the hips. Even the grumpy mother superior (a Maggie Smith who was already old in 1992) will be conquered by the energy and the charisma of Deloris. In real life, a nun sued Disney for plagiarizing her life (?) Asking them for 100 million dollars, Whoopi refused to promote her because she did not receive a separate salary for giving interviews and the adorable redhead nun who found her voice was eventually dubbed by a professional singer. But if something taught us ‘Sister Act’ is that there are lies that are worth believing. And also, how many movies end up with dozens of nuns running around a Las Vegas casino?

6. A father in distress (1996)

A film for children that reveals that Santa Claus are the parents. The ‘spoiler’ of life. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a father too busy in his work (there was always a father busy in the movies of the 90s) to take care of his son, who decides to buy Christmas gifts on December 24 in the morning. The Turbo Man is exhausted, so Schwarzenegger is bundled up with old ladies to get the last stock and ends up getting dressed in the Turbo Man suit and flying to face the villain. And the most amazing thing is that, while you watch the movie, none of these script turns hits you at all. It will be the magic of cinema. Batteries not included.

7. City of angels (1997)

Nicolas Cage plays an angel who, after smelling Meg Ryan’s hair as a stalker from beyond, becomes human to bind her. When they make love, he defines it as: “hot, humid, painful”. But in the end she decides to go out and buy breakfast by bike and is so happy that she lets go of the handlebars and closes her eyes. Delirious? No, the following. ‘Spoiler’: it’s a bad idea.

8. Ghost, beyond love (1990)

The scriptwriter confessed that he wrote it during a trip of hallucinogens (LSD) and, sincerely, it makes sense. An attractive banker (in the 90’s working on capitalism was still ‘cool’) is killed in an alley and, turned into a ghost, must resort to the help of a black fortune teller (Whoopi Goldberg) called Oda Mae Brown to warn his girlfriend (Demi Moore) that her best friend is trying to kill her to steal a box of Reebok and thus get a commission of $ 8,000 (what little misery, on the other hand). Comedy, romance, action, interracial friendship, existentialism, eroticism and supernatural ‘thriller’ coexist in this insane film that had no meaning, but worked like a clock and became the third highest grossing film in history at the time. The public of the 90s could with everything. And I wanted more.

9. Super Mario Bros. The Movie (1993)

We finally discover the personality of Luigi and Mario! I wish I had not done it. The ugliest movie of the 90s turned the amazing world of the videogame into a dystopian and depressing cloister full of hostile creatures, badly rolled fights and frightful jokes. ‘Super Mario Bros’ is so innovative that even the soundtrack was made by Roxette.

10. Daycare Cop (1990)

A man with the size, face and incomprehensible Austrian accent of Arnold Schwarzenegger infiltrates the nursery of a small American town and no villager seems to be surprised. Not even when he subjects the children to military training. Arnie has time to hook up with another teacher and reassure a worried mother that her son likes women’s clothes. “What happens to the child,” clarifies the character of Schwarzenegger, “is that he likes to look at the panties of his teammates.” The mother is much more relieved because the 90s could be quite shady. The premiere in Televisión Española of ‘Poli de guardería’ had ten million spectators. Nothing more to add.

11. Bio-Dome (1996)

Attention, this is the official synopsis of the film, unmodified: “Before Environmental Day 1996, the closest that Bud and Doyle had been to a landfill was their apartment! When their environmental brides asked them to stop throwing the roll and start throwing garbage, this little dynamic duo makes it very clear that they prefer to talk about guards than to collect them, but their lives undergo a radical change when they are trapped in a scientific experiment for a year in a spherical biological environment! without fast food or cable TV! Will Bud and Doyle be able to adapt to their new habitat or will they cause their own extinction with their mere presence, along with the failure of the project and perhaps the destruction of the planet? ” After reading this, it is best to take an Ibuprofen.

12. Prelude to a Kiss (1992)

Meg Ryan and Alec Baldwin are a couple deeply in love, but on the day of their wedding an old man appears and congratulates Meg kissing her on the lips. It turns out that that kiss was magical, and both exchange their bodies. Trapped in the body of the old man, Meg Ryan will have to convince Alec Baldwin that it is her and to help him look for the gentleman (enchanted with his new appearance as queen of the romantic comedy of the 90s) to convince him to reverse the spell and I can not believe the phrase I just wrote.

13. Never talk to strangers (1995)

Rebecca De Mornay is a sensual (always were) psychiatrist who begins to be harassed by a lunatic. The main suspect is Antonio Banderas, for the simple reason that he is Latino, which does not prevent Sarah from sleeping with him. Against: could be a murderer. In favor: it has a fence in the middle of the room against which Rebecca can nibble her ass. Finally we discover that the psychopath who harasses Sarah is … herself. Banderas, in fact, comes to pronounce the phrase “do not you realize that you are trying to kill yourself?”. And with this phrase the erotic ‘thriller’ died forever.

14. Face to face (1997)

John Travolta exchanges face with Nicolas Cage. It is difficult to conclude which of the two is losing with the change but, undoubtedly, we win the spectators. As long as we are able to overcome the shame of others. Cage, creator of an interpretative style that he himself has baptized as “mega-acting”, releases the horses from embarrassment through many pouts and faces of disgust. This is how Cage sees Travolta. To show love, the characters run their hands over their faces (it’s a metaphor) and, since it’s a John Woo movie, there are pigeons. Dozens of pigeons. In slow motion

15. A four-handed thief (1994)

A girl feels displaced because her parents have just had a baby and, instead of holding on and learning that life is hard as we all did, she decides to make friends with a monkey. With such bad luck (or good, if you like monkeys) that the ape is a professional thief. Together they will live all kinds of adventures in the town markets and, as always happened in the children’s comedies of the 90s, they will face a gang of mafiosi who try to assassinate them. Small laughs

16. Junior

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a scientist (!) Who is linked to Emma Thompson (!!) and undergoes an experiment in which she gets pregnant (!!!). And all that happens during the first 20 minutes for download free movies online. The rest of the movie is a succession of jokes about Arnold crying and eating ice cream, although the public does not stop wondering where the hell they were going to get that poor baby. Parents around the world had to explain the concept of Caesarean to their children, and in the end Arnold dresses as a Republican lady in a cheeky plagiarism by Mrs. Doubtfire. The film, for some reason, cost 60 million dollars (to compare, it is the same budget as Jurassic Park that same year), but the most surprising thing is that the Spanish distributor missed the opportunity to title Junior. Go Dad!

17. My father. What a link! (1994)

Nicole (Katherine Heigl, 14 years old and already browning her) is so bored during her holidays with her father (Gerard Depardieu) that, to be interesting, instead of making wicks as did all the others she decides to tell the boy she likes that her father and she are spies and lovers. The entanglements, the misunderstandings and the persecutions are guaranteed and do not give respite to a spectator who fortunately does not have time to notice how tremendously disturbing is the title of the film.

18. Spiceworld, the movie (1997)

The Spice Girls face their first live concert, but first they will have to overcome an argument, avoid a camera obsessed with shooting a documentary about them, face a supervillain (Roger Moore) who pretends To dominate the world, attend the birth of her best friend and sign autographs for aliens. And even so, the most difficult part of this film was to get Geri Halliwell not to leave the group during filming.

19. Sommersby (1993)

Jodie Foster lives quietly waiting for her husband to return from the war. When he returns, he seems bewildered and very changed. In fact, it is another person. But since her new face is that of Richard Gere, Jodie does a little bit of finding her because the same is not the same bad plan of life (her original husband was also an atrocious man). As in 80% of the films of the 90s, there is a judgment at the end and as almost always the judge was black, even though ‘Sommersby’ is set a couple of years after the abolition of slavery. After all, nobody sat down to watch a Richard Gere movie waiting for historical rigor (another day we talked about ‘The First Gentleman’).

20. Space Jam (1996)

Bringing together all the Looney Tunes bugs is already an event; putting them to play a basketball game with Michael Jordan against some aliens, the Monstrellas, is an idea that could only succeed during the 90s. In 80 minutes, Bugs Bunny kisses Jordan in the mouth, Piolin’s grandmother plays the cheerleader , the Coyote puts dynamite ACME in the basket, Lola Bunny stands as a feminist icon (“never call me a doll”), Sam Whiskers and Elmer Gruñon dress up in Pulp Fiction and an obese man swells, flies off and has to deflate with farts . Bill Murray was also running around, he does not say no to anything. And all this to prevent the Looney Tunes from spending their eternity enslaved in an alien amusement park called Tontolandia.