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Skylines 2020 Movie Review

It always surprises me how some films, which apparently did not leave a lasting impression on either the audience or the critics, suddenly become franchises. One such example is the 2010 alien invasion film Skyline, which was directed by visual effects artists Greg and Colin Strause as their directorial debut. The fact that the two are masters of their craft was shown by the really good effects of the film.
However, it didn’t have much to offer and was quickly forgotten, which didn’t stop the producers from bringing a sequel to the (home theater) market seven years later with Beyond Skyline. This continued the original film and brought back two of its characters, but these were played by other actors. With Frank Grillo and IkoUwais, this action-packed sequel was at least interestingly cast and was also better received than its predecessor.

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However, anyone who thinks that this is the end of the Skyline saga is mistaken. The sequel that suggested the end of the second film is now being produced under the title Skyline 3 and brings back Lindsey Morgan as the adult Rose Corley, the daughter of one of the main characters from the first Movie. This new episode sees O’Donnell behind the camera again and centers on the character of Captain Rose Corley (Lindsey Morgan), a human with extraterrestrial superpowers. Captain Rose is the only person capable of countering the alien invaders, but he needs constant blood transfusions to stop his accelerated aging rate. A longtime fighter against the invaders, Rose is now on the run, but will be found in her hiding place by some military and, once again, enlisted to fight. Hybrids between humans and aliens – who make up the bulk of Earth’s population – are about to fall under alien control. Rose, sent on a mission to the alien mothership, will only have 72 hours to save humanity. If you are looking for skylines streamlord movie, then you can visit our online platform where you can stream this movie in super HD quality.

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This is a good sci-fi action movie at the end of this year but not as good as the previous parts. For me, it’s a good family entertainment, hope you’ll also like it.