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Review of Wonder Woman 1984

In terms of the DC Universe, 2020 will be a good year. One of the reasons for this is that the sequel to Wonder Woman, which came out in 2017, is released. Diana Prince will continue to fight but this time with her enemies from 1980.
The film will likely revolve around the relationship between archaeologists Diana and Barbara Ann Minerva, who searched for the legendary lost city of Urzkartaga. After finding the city and encountering the goddess sitting inside, Barbara Ann will transform into the deadly Cheetah. Previous DCEU films have shown Diana working as a museum curator, so we expect Barbara Ann to be portrayed as a friend and colleague of Diana before she was bad.

In this sequel, the greatest heroine of all time, Diana Prince, also known as the Wonder Woman, returns, and this time she will go to the 1980s, where she will face two powerful enemies at once: Maxwell Lord and Cheetah. But at the same time, Diana is waiting for a pleasant surprise – a reunion with her beloved Steve Trevor.

After the opening scene of the movie, we see Diana dealing with the grimly simple street criminals like “The Spider-Man of Our Neighborhood”, which is not unusual in a universe that is about gods like DC, titans. Moreover, in this scene, the fact that someone as strong as Diana has to deal with four broken asses who have nothing to do with them and taking such big actions seemed too comic and unconvincing to me. At this point, I was afraid that the movie would continue in this tone, but fortunately, nothing like that happened. This scene looks very different from the rest of the movie. The first 10-minute scene of the movie, which shows a memory of Diana as a child, is also distinct, but at least has a semantic connection to the sequel: To achieve victory by trick. Watch Wonder Woman Full Movie online in 720p HD.

We see that we are in a world where those who want to take what they want and run away, but this scene cannot make sense of the seriousness of this situation due to its comedy tone.