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New 5 Powerful Movies That Will Inspire You

Today we introduce 5 powerful movies that will surely inspire you. Because that movie point out some social issues and sometimes they are related to your personal life. so take look at the movies:-

Roma (2018)


The feature film tells the story of a Mexican family living in the capital in the early 1970s, against a backdrop of political turmoil. The heroine of the film is Cleo, the housekeeper, an Aboriginal, who is also the true soul of the home. Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, Roma, is Alfonso Cuaron’s most personal film. Later afdah free movies in long shots sequences in a sumptuous black and white, his childhood memories of 1971, and the year of the student revolt and the divorce of his parents. In the upscale neighborhood of Mexico where he grew up and who gives his title to the film, it brings to life father, mother, brothers, sisters and especially Cleo, his beloved nurse, the central character of the film. After The Son of Man and Gravity, the filmmaker still surprises with this intimate and melancholy narrative that portrays two abandoned women: his nurse, following an unwanted pregnancy, and his mother, by an unfaithful husband and in an energetic homage to motherhood.

The team presents the social issues that are discussed in this film as invisible domestic work and political tensions in Mexico in the 1970s. It is nevertheless ironic that women, servants, allow other, better-off women to be freer and to work. “This chain of outsourcing care [at home] is very complex. No one is to blame, but it is a system that exists and is not ideal. ”

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018)

Western six-part anthology, Joel’s “The Buster Scruggs Ballad” and Ethan Coen ( “True Grit” ) was first presented as a mini-series of six episodes by Netflix, which broadcasts the project exclusively, before finally becoming a 2h13 film, presented at the last Venice Festival in competition – he won the script award. In spite of animated transitions of the most beautiful effect and a real thematic unity – as often with the Coen brothers, it is always a question of angry fate and morality that is working – “The Ballade of Buster Scruggs” naturally suffers from the unequal nature of chapters more or less successful. True Grit’s storytelling is intact: “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” and “Near Algodones”, the first two episodes, are little jewels of black humor, fun and irresistible, while “The Gal Who Got Rattled, the fifth opus, is a romantic-dramatic wonder where the two brothers’ sense of narrative against-foot is a marvel. The other three chapters are less successful in our view, especially the sixth one, which is too much of a Quentin Tarantino monkey, but all benefit from the formal paw of the magnificent duo-light, an over-expressive play of the actors (James Franco, Tim Blake Nelson, Liam Neeson, Tom Waits, sense of shift and fall.

Triple Frontier (2019)

Santiago “Pope” Gomez has been fighting drug trafficking for years by advising local police in South America. One day, one of his “indices “, Yovanna, confesses to him where hides a narco-trafficker, Gabriel Martin Lorea, and his millions of dollars. The latter is buried in a house that is located at the triple border, a geographical point where meet the Rio Iguaçu and Rio Paraná and marks the junction of the three borders between Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina. Lorea turned her house into a giant bunker and vault for the fruits of her traffic. Santiago returns to the United States to propose to four of his former brothers-in-arms to help him locate the home of Lorea, located on the Brazilian side of the border, to then allow the intervention of the army. The five friends decide and enter the country with fake passports, as technicians of high voltage lines. Once the recognition made of the house and its surroundings, Santiago offers to his friends not to inform the army (at the risk that a leak alert Lorea) and solve the problem themselves by assassinating the drug lord and scooping up his money, before escaping by helicopter to reach the Pacific Ocean. This private military operation, carefully organized, will be complicated and put a strain on the friendship between the five veterans. In summary, Triple Frontier is a military turning film on the bottom of social reflection on the situation of former soldiers who are experiencing financial difficulties when they return to civilian life.

Annihilation (2018)

Lena’s husband, a soldier, has been missing for a year after starting a secret mission. One day, he comes home very sick. What happened to him? Lena and her husband are taken to a secret military place. Near the military base, an area surrounded by a mysterious and strange barrier is growing day by day. Those who venture out and explore the area disappear, commit suicide or become ill (cancer and mental trauma). Most of the time, nobody comes back from the expedition. Lena, a biologist, wants to understand what happened to her husband. She volunteered with four other women (anthropologist, psychologist, surveyor, and paramedic) on an expedition to the area named The Shimmer. It is a 123netflix with a lot of atmospheres, as visual as sound. The visual of Annihilation is completely awesome. There is a dull and greyish beauty, even horrifying, with that of the very colorful nature (flowers). The landscapes are breathtaking and this is undoubtedly one of the strengths of this film. And that’s not to mention, the beauty of the special effects that complements much of this science fiction story. Annihilation is an excellent entertainment that will put you in full view and ears with its outstanding visual and its mysterious and disturbing soundtrack. For lovers of sci-fi movies and horror, survival will undoubtedly greatly appreciate Annihilation. It’s the ultimate movie which surely inspires you!

Juanita (2018)

Juanita is a drama that portrays something very common in Latin American or underdeveloped countries: migration. The current proposal presents this condition from the point of view of the immigrant when he returns to his homeland, which in most cases passes through the crossroads that after a time away from his homeland, he may become so strange in his own country, as well as abroad. With this premise, its director, writer and producer Leticia Tonos, returns with a proposal that reconfirms her as an ambassador and lover of Dominican popular culture, where the colloquial and characteristic is only a curtain that seeks to cover a bit the social background. In the same way, he uses flashes of humor to make this drama more bearable that plays a lot with emotions and mixed feelings. Juanita is a co-production from the Dominican Republic and Spain, filmed in locations of both countries and with a duration of 90 minutes. It is about an illegal Dominican immigrant and a lonely Spanish farmer who begin a love story. Juanita and Mariano, who after living different situations in Spain, travel to the Dominican Republic to retire to start a new life, but face certain difficulties inside their own home. In that same order, it should be noted that the script lacked greater folklore in what represents a traveler who comes to his country after several years. Contrary to reality, the film saw very little that effervescence that is generated in neighbors, family and friends when someone comes from “outside”, where many expect to see what they brought, what story, in addition to the constant shock and atmosphere festive that implies. Usually, to a greater or lesser degree, these are situations that occur regardless of the problems that may exist.

Fyre (2019)

The Fyre Festival was supposed to offer a fabulous musical experience on a paradise island, but the unscrupulous organizer actually orchestrated the scam of the century. The film, well documented and complete, brews all the reasons that make the Fyre Festival a memorable and boring failure. Nothing happened as planned. From the non-repayment of investors, treated like cash cows, to the non-payment of the builders, exploited like beasts of burden, the documentary does not forget anyone and shows what is behind the dream and the filters. You will identify with those people who feel cheated, hurt and most exploited. The timeline of the documentary, alternating shots of McFarland jet-skiing with models on the banks of the island of Pablo Escobar and plans McFarland fleeing journalists to avoid answering embarrassing questions, will project you right in this announced storm. If you do not like the Start-Up Nation, this movie is for you. This movie speaks as much of the exploitation of the workers, as the mirrors with larks. We must sell dreams to people so that they continue to work so hard. I speak to you knowingly when I tell you that you compromise quickly when you think you are working for something that is right and exciting when you believe that our efforts will always be rewarded. But in an unequal system, promises are binding only on those who believe in them.