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Mortal movie Review

Mortal is a Fantasy adventure action movie. The movie’s main character is Eric. Eric is a young American backpacker who wanders the western part of Norway when he is arrested for the accidental and unexplained death of local youth. During his retention, he meets Christine, a young psychologist who tries to understand what really happened. When representatives of the American embassy appear seeking his extradition, he escapes. In this action film, protagonist Nat Wolff (Eric) discovers that he has the supernatural powers of a Norse god.

Mortal movie Review k

The movie’s story had potential. However, the acting part doesn’t give that support to the story. The female lead is not convincing, she gives an average performance. The actor Nat Wolff who plays the role of Eric he was so boring throughout the movie.It’s not exactly a bad movie, it is just very uninteresting, and pointless. Free Mortal 2020 movieninja movie without signup.

There is nothing very spectacular about this film. The movie had a few good scenes but mostly dragged. The best part about this movie is the visual side, it was amazing. I wouldn’t say that this movie was terrible, I also wouldn’t say it was great. For me, it was just ok. There’s nothing much to say, if you can’t find anything to watch, give this movie a chance.