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Hard Kill Movie Review

Hard Kill is an action thriller movie. Story of the movie takes place when a billionaire CEO Donovan Chalmers (Bruse Willis) hires a squad of mercenaries to protect life-threatening technology from the terrorist. The security expert and team leader Derek Miller finds himself in a deadly confrontation with an old foe. The mission grows even bigger when Chalmers’ daughter is kidnapped by a terrorist group trying to get the technology. Miller and his team must do everything so that they can save her and protect the fate of humanity, before it’s too late. Watch Hard Kill movie free on flixtor.


Again, the same repetitive and boring story. It seems like the writer did not put any creative efforts in this story. The best thing about the movie is its cast including Bruse Willis and Jesse Metcalfe and many more. With such a big cast the director did nothing impressive, bad acting without a deep image. If I am talking about action then it was good but it could be better.


This is the most pathetic acting and worse directing I have ever seen. I fully wasted my time watching this movie. Do not waste your valuable time and money on this pathetic movie. I am very disappointed that Bruce Willis did this low-quality script with such a pathetic directed movie and even it hard to expect that he accepts the offer to do this movie. You can watch this movie when you don’t have anything to watch.