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651249e0151a2e3f9c9e1337635cc330__1407394702_112.196.14.134This is not the first film that addresses the issue of the war and the horrors that hunger and hatred can trigger. Not be the last. However, The Notebook , though not an absolutely brilliant year on the other side is not, by any means, a forgettable film.Directed by János Szász, Hungarian director filmography virtually unknown in our country, this film is an adaptation of the novel by the Hungarian also depletes Kristof, written in 1986 This is not the first adaptation of János Szász, since its film debut was precisely the adaptation of the play Woyzeck in 1994. Download The Notebook 2014 Movie with fast downloading speed. Download full Movies online for free along their movie trailer.

The argument is about the years that happen to World War II (1939-1945) and how twin brothers have to make the difficult decision to leave behind his humanity and moral to withstand the pain, despair and rootlessness. The story begins when the mother of Egyik and Masik takes them to live with her ​​grandmother (the Witch ) in the hope of sparing horror that was to invade the desolate lands by war, but even so the two brothers will face hunger, fear and violence, hardening more and getting dirty as much or more than it is the world around them.


The Notebook  is the journal in which two children narrate, in a kind of symbiosis, this ode to dehumanization, to forget oneself (perhaps impossible); a struggle for survival in the often well worth not feel anything if you dodge the pain in this world, most of the time, give us back. A world in which you have to choose: kill or be killed.