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MV5BMjA1MTMzNDU0M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzg5ODM5MTE@._V1_SX214_AL___1407477891_112.196.14.134Student at a prestigious university in NYC, is Justine recently became aware of the activities of a dedicated campus activist group only, which is led by the charismatic Alejandro and currently now just plans, spot in the South American rain forest to the progressive deforestation and thus linked to habitat destruction of an indigenous tribe to protest. Against the advice of her roommate Kaycee and their deal at the United Nations father they can be attributed to the action adventurous and daring one – among other things inspired by the appeal, their statements and views “make a difference in the world want “some games to back it up with concrete action – which is why she soon finds himself together with some other like-minded people in an air Peru conditions. Download The Green Inferno 2014 Movie along their trailer. Download Horror Movies online for free with fast downloading speed.


Not only because armed mercenaries protect the clearing crews, the whole exercise is a bad risky – but they succeed in actually forcing a work leaving the company in question, primarily thanks to media interest and international solidarity-inspiring live streams of their steps and actions via smartphones. The friends of your success, but you can not enjoy too long since failed in their rapidly initiated with the aim Return suddenly the engine of any propeller aircraft – which has a hard crash in the midst of a remote jungle region to the sequence in which some are straight overtaken by death while those who remained of post fall into the clutches of all those natives, to whose protection they actually had traveled so …

“The Green Inferno” unfolds according to the now as “familiar” to be designated flow structure at Roth: Similar to the case of “Hostel” or Nicolás López’s 2012er ” Aftershock “, in which he served, inter alia, yes as co-author, be the first approximately thirty minutes primarily used for introducing the main characters and explain their reasons why they do engage in such a story. Various “wooden” sounding lines of dialogue and not necessarily exquisite performances comprising, done all this relatively superficial: You can not do it really, to take the protagonists comprising seriously or develop real sympathy – what both its between misguided, naive and ignorant oscillating vein and attributable to a number of register able stereotypes.


Unlike the three male backpacker in its time in Amsterdam and Slovakia, drifting here but none of them ever to Annoying from. Instead they “grow on you” one and one very intimate mitfiebert in the course of subsequent events with them, Roth seems a bit stronger again the to drive tactics that their inevitable-a cruel fates neither too violently disturb nor repel – they are rather an integral part of the overall entertainment level. The public majority should be clear from the outset on what kind of film you have embarked on the strip – and so produce details such as a lecture on “female genital mutilation” or “torture by ants” inevitably special sensations, which can extend from an ominous feeling about a tense expectation to a subjective form of “anticipation