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Download The Congress 2014 Full Movie

MV5BMjE5MTUzNDk3M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTUwNTQ5MTE@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_AL___1405329016_112.196.14.134The Congress , inspired by the science fiction novel The Futurological Congress of Stanlislaw Lem, is divided into real image and traditional animation. Fusion is suitable for representing the two realities among which the film moves. The first part, which corresponds to the time we meet the lead actress, Robin Wright, who plays herself in her acting side, faces one of the most important decisions of his career in a time when his career begins to fade without remedy. An opportunity that the film industry puts you on a platter, which to choose it, you will leave forever interpretation. We meet his family, marked by her illness her youngest child and his beginnings in film, when he became an actress of great fame, with the role that catapulted in The Princess Bride. The second part begins with a flash forward , twenty years later. Robin Wright’s face reflects the passage of time. Download Free Full Movies online for free without create any membership account.

Driving fast through a desert landscape to reach the physical and mental barrier that entered into the world of animation. A trip to the city of Abrahama, where a conference on the cinema of the future, the company promoted by celebrated Miramount Nagashaki , which comes as a guest star. A very well justified at all levels where the film delves amazing transformation. A tour of a direct voyage to the inner world of the actress who actually is a mental state where their concerns and motivations, keeping those more hidden, emerge and are expressed outwardly, becoming patent. A layer of illusion which is easily accessed with the help of a drug substance, but which almost nobody can return.


The Congress has not been raised as the winner of this year’s edition of the Festival of Sitges, although he has been the best film for the jury of critics and so has been for me. A science fiction film can drink in moderation of various genres and saturates on the idiosyncrasies of the human being and its life process. One of the more thoughtful about the meaning of evolution in the world of filmmaking and new instruments and processes of Science ribbons.