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Download Stop the Pounding Heart 2014 Movie

Stop the Pounding HeartMaking the simplicity and naturalness constant forward, Minerva never explicitly involved in the film, although it is not difficult to imagine us behind the camera follows the characters, actually work is done by Diego Romero, director of photography and, on the other hand, co-writer of the film. Four hands have wanted that viewers see through the eyes of Sarah, getting through planning redirect subtly point of view of all those who do not share or the environment or the tribulations of teenager.

Exceeded our initial estrangement and any type of barrier, we gradually become immersed in an intuitive portrait feminist shows never belittles or condescending in his speech, or lost at any time the overview. Impresses and baffles equally settled that what are some principles of the community under study, but the director is anticipating our rejection, leading to the confrontation of the protagonist, who helplessly look like they are not consistent with life you have in mind for herself.


Feminism and theology will indulge in a sudden and irreconcilable debate be at the heart of the dilemma a girl developed as strong, independent woman, but polite to submit their figure than men, awakening Sara constant doubts about his future. From the beginning of the film we see the interest in it Colby, a guy who spends most of the time practicing to participate professionally in rodeos of the region. The more comfortable you will feel with more rejection Colby will produce the demands of his father and work on the farm. On the other hand, it will look in their home regarding the hallmarks that defined as a woman in the near future, finding an already tanned woman, despite sympathizing with his daughter, you instill his vision as the only way of life possible . Even when no sense.