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Download [REC] 4: Apocalypse 2014 Movie

REC_4_PosterUnder heavy sacrifices a special police unit Ángela Vidal has taken out of the apartment building in Barcelona. The reporter wakes up in a room where the doctor survey Dr. Ricarte for signs of infection, makes people mad undead. Fortunately, found in Ángela no signs of the virus. It turns out that they are on a ship and communicatively cut off from the mainland.

Other Participating in the events in Barcelona are on board. Apparently there is no danger here, but security is deceptive – and quickly by: Soon there are also plenty on the ship the first infected in frenzy.

The religious aspect of part two does not matter anymore. “[REC] 4 – Apocalypse” is used theories about the origin and spread of the virus in the first place as a springboard for action. Has maintained Beleaguer staging a confined space.

What was previously the apartment building with its corridors and apartments, here are the decks, rooms and stairways of the ship on which the act with the exception of the prologue fully played out. This is exciting and armrest maltreatment. “[REC] 4 – Apocalypse” is so far a fitting conclusion to the series.