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MV5BMjA5MjM5NDMzMl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDY4NDk2MDE@._V1_SX214_AL___1406705760_125.62.124.203With wide eyes and open mouths, both members of the jury, as well as the audience stared in the audience and watching TV, the chubby unremarkable looking man on stage. What they saw was not what they had expected. From the mouth of the shy Welshman loud, powerful sounds came. 2009, in a show called “Britan`s Got Talent” enthused Paul Potts , an employee at a telecommunications company, with his opera singing millions of viewers. The movie “One Chance” is dedicated to the life of Paul Potts. Beginning with his childhood, of his first true love, his training in Rome and its setbacks. Download One Chance 2014 Movie along their trailer. Download Free Movies online with extra fast downloading speed from download link.


One Chance is the story of the “tenor of the heart” Paul Potts and his magical transformation from mobile phone retailers to Classical Star. During his journey, he must not only brave the harassment of village-Raudis, but there are also vocal in Venice star tenor Pavarotti. After numerous failures girlfriend Julie-Ann and his best buddy Braddon, “Britain’s Got Talent” to compete in the talent show. His last chance! Paul Potts has a university degree in philosophy is politically active in his Welsh hometown and has successfully completed the singing school and the master course in Italy. For years he had singing lessons, and even before his appearance on the talent show “Britan’s Got Talent” some performances in operettas. In the film, but these facts are changed or omitted.


Apparently they fit director David Frankel not the dramatically concept. From the philosophy students a rather naive manageable man is made ​​of, fails in Rome before his big idol Pavarotti and by numerous setbacks, exclusively through “Britans Got Talent” creates his breakthrough. So naive and dreamy Paul Potts is shown, so you can also describe the film itself. David Frankel served us a lot of clichés, garnished with a little kitsch and decorated the whole thing with the message that it is ultimately worth it to be one of the good and decent people