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Into the Storm 2014Almost 20 years ago sparked the produced by Steven Spielberg thriller “Twister” a new disaster film boom that developed at the box office to one of the biggest hits of 1996. Whether “Storm Hunters” even remotely approaching that of of “Twister” rehearsed $ 500 million remains to be seen, at the first opening weekend cracked by Steven Quale (“Final Destination 5”) film shot in the US but before almost 20- million-dollar mark. It was the work with a budget of around 50 million dollars compared to other Hollywood blockbusters comparatively low.

“Storm Hunters” is a well-made, with not too many CGI effects garnished and entertaining forces of nature thriller, the reduced action is compensated for by the oppressive atmosphere. First of all: “Storm Hunters” can not quite with the haunting, but always also ironic Jan de Bont film-compete “Twister”, with all the destruction and drama always did not take too seriously. This rigid seriousness can “Storm Hunters” over the entire duration of his 90 minutes not discard completely. Of course, it comes to a dramatic, moving subject, but precisely for this reason, because these brutal forces of nature wreak such destruction and devastation and bring so much suffering to the people, a little loosening would not have been bad in some places. On the other hand, do the ubiquitous dark atmosphere and which is in the first few minutes of intense imminent threat to the film well, it gives it a stable mood of mischief -.

Not the worst thing for a disaster movie Although much as expected in “Storm Hunters” from the computer comes, the film comes – and in this case is a good feature – not to Effects-overloaded and therefore artificially. Much acts done by hand, as if the countless cars, trees or street signs, people are swept away by the imperious force of nature as wild hurled through the air, dissolved houses roofs of their attachment or. Particularly successful are the thrilling scenes in the school in which entrench the graduates and their teachers at the beginning of the storm.

A little tiring seem to have a classic found-footage style loose-images, although ensure a high degree of realism and authenticity, but also demand a certain level of attention and concentration from the viewer, so this will notice everything – even if the blurred images are not quite as annoying as advised about the monster movie “Cloverfield”. Conclusion: Realistic, rousing Tornado-thriller that would have worked better without the hand-held camera shake pictures and with a little less seriousness.