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Download Birdman 2014 Movie Online

Birdman 2014 The red carpet is laid, photographers are in place with the flash ready to be flashed and cuddly world to enjoy and screaming at his favorite players as they will get in the Sala Grande, the room in which are held every year, the official premieres. The Emma Stone, o Micheal Keaton, the Edward Norton and other protagonists Birdman walked in the flash of photographers, in front of the insatiable crowd kept shouting the name of their cult. With them walked several Italians star with sometimes impressive, sometimes kitschy dresses that wanted to steal some of the shine Hollywood colleagues.

After all this was the premiere of the Birdman, the new film by Alejandro Gonz├ílez Irritant. It is the first time that Irritant specializing in drama, puts into the movie comic elements. We were very anxious about whether they will succeed. The previous film in Beautiful despite the great protagonist could not give more than the director’s previous masterpieces. This time however Irritant manages to surprise us pleasantly .

The Birdman exploits the actors and the script to the fullest. The ruined star of blockbuster, Riggan Thomson identified easily in our minds with himself starring Michael Keaton and the course of his career after the movies Batman. Beyond its own priorities, however, the film makes a comment on the dead-end life, professional or not, analyzes the nature and extent of paranoia and megalomania of big stars and criticizes both the world of theater and cinema. The clever dialogue combined with excellent performances all reflect this reasoning with flawless eloquence makes Birdman likely favorite for the Golden Lion. Had a little less duration would be almost perfect!