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Download Bird People 2014 Movie

Bird PeopleAn American businessman arrives in a hotel at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. It installs and must retrieve documents and then leave conclude a deal in Dubai. Thinking hard about the meaning of his life and of his responsibilities, he decided to give a little time and stay one more night. Here working many anonymous; among them, Audrey, a young maid who also aspires to something else .


On the bottom, cross the destinies of two diametrically opposed characters but united by a fierce desire to escape their daily is a good starting point. Loneliness, doubt, questioning, risk-taking … all these feelings that develop around the question of the acceptance of his daily life and his condition would have really been able to make “Bird People”, a great film, marking the return of Pascale Ferran, 7 years after his acclaimed. Download Bird People 2014 Movie with fast downloading speed. Download Free Full Movies online for free without pay any charges.


Yet the story of this man and this woman falls like a souffle. First, the narrative structure of the film into two distinct parts gives the impression that both films could have been made. Only a quick scene at the end of the movie link and rather awkwardly. To attach the character to a minimum Demoustier, it should have been seen in other scenes than those in which she discusses with Camelia Jordana, who is more charismatic than her. Then Pascale Ferran has made ​​a particular choice to express the desire also of the young woman. Indeed, for a magic trick, Audrey becomes sparrow. Yes, yes! Rather than shooting the beautiful and talented actress, Pascale Ferran transforms into a bird that twirls, spying on hotel occupants, pedestrians , travelers, colleagues … While we recognize the feat of “direct” such small birds, we do not really understand why her character transform into a voyeuristic beast.


Indeed, the metaphor of the bird and its freedom to move freely wherever he wants and could be interesting … the exhilarating feeling of being above everything and everyone can imagine, the space a moment … But this metamorphosis, it does not draw any freedom, but leads him into a hobby and few unhealthy rewarding: observation of his peers, incognito. Why not just with his character of a pair of telescope?