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Download Big Hero 6 2014 Movie For Free

Big Hero 6 2014The 14-year-old Hiro Hamada lives with his older brother Tadashi with her aunt Cass and is introduced by him in the impressive work of his University of San Fransokyo Tec: There he has developed an inflatable robot named Baymax to be used as a helper in the health sector , To be even accepted at the prestigious Institute, Hiro is before his own development, which identifies him as a technical prodigy:

Let a swarm of Microbots, tiny robots that are controlled by brain waves together into any shape and have already demonstrated their ability in illegal fights. The thrill Professor Callaghan as well as Allistair Krei, the founder of a powerful high-tech group, who also graduated from this university who wants great to do business with Hiro’s invention. Prompt the Microbots be stolen and used by a rogue with Kabuki mask.

To oppose him an adequate opponent, Hiro upgraded via software, armor and rocket nozzles on the built actually for peaceful purposes Baymax to a huge fighting machine. They receive support from fellow students Tadeshis: Together with the chemist Honey Lemon, the silent but heated Gogo Tamago, the laser specialists Wasabi No-Ginger and Fred comic fan, they form the “Big Hero 6,” who oppose the villain .