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Belle 2014Based on a true story, Dido Elizabeth Belle, illegitimate daughter of an Admiral of the British Royal Navy, was raised by his uncles in an aristocratic environment in which their skin color created controversy regarding its privileges. When he reaches the age at which the loving commitment prevails over the image of the woman of the time, Dido must break with the established while trying to expose a fraud against slavery that leads to him meeting their origins.

Since his approach, ‘Belle’ own questions what these productions, without any surprise. In its progress, is determined to prove that the reputation, pride and forbidden love are able to weave a touching story of unforgettable characters, but his effort is so short that prevents even a personality that decouple from the rest of frustrated attempts at these portraits of English Romanticism. The legal context of slavery wraps awkwardly, especially at the beginning, a web of love interests resulting in a triangle, whose outcome, in his earlier treatment is predictable. In between, good performances and achieved an artistic design that enhance the length and width of the screen, but does not save the final result. Oh, also Tom Felton who has difficulty removing the label of Draco Malfoy; will be by your side.

Belle’ is not a mistake; ‘Belle’ is too accurate to be innovative. And that makes you falter in your quest for an audience beyond the lover of romance novels, the fidelity of a story with a message addressed too superficial. Therefore, it will not fully satisfy an entire room, but half of it will genocidal, looking forward to meet her courageous hero when issued in Divinity