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Download Before I Go to Sleep 2014 Movie

Before I Go to Sleep 2014 MovieColin Firth (first) in the role of villain convinces as regenerated Nicole Kidman in the role of the woman – the victim, Christine. Both together again after possible drama «The Railway Man» in a thriller trauma and psychological obsessions. With paramedical camouflage (amnesia) for an alibi.

Here the limited interest quickly and easily guessing none of the police story end. The attempt to mislead sometime by the middle of the film and then achieves instant (when seeing the doctor in a typical scene and later her friend she confesses the truth), but the final outcome is expected. Of course we will not disclose the termination of the drama which fully justifies the behavior of “spouse” Ben (Colin Firth). You could be tempted to characterize as typical Freudian split personality, but the events that lead to becoming a schizophrenic paranoia.

And while the victim remains a victim and you expect to find him guilty of the two men, the final turns me off to a happy end. Depending on what you expect of course, but if you’re more viewers quite sparse visitor the movie, maybe you like. In redeems from depression and gives you hope for the continuation of life. OK. However, the controversial film is not a total lack of interest is egalitarianism and has two stars deserving players.