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Bad Moms

Director: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore

Running Time: 1h 41min

Stars: Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, Kristen Bell

Imdb Rating: 5.7

Releasing Date: 26 August 2016 (UK)

Genres: Comedy

From the writers of The Hangover and the Vegas and directors night out we get bad mothers , very in tune with his previous work, this time with women (and mothers in particular) as the epicenter of comedy. Perhaps first you may surprise the fact that such targeted at a female audience film can be born of two male minds as those of Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, but the truth is that when you’re immersed in the film is not noticeable at all because the commitment and dedication have paid off. Both are parents and conceived this film as a tribute to their wives / mothers of their children, in addition to the six main actresses and producer are also mothers, which makes your work in a way of mimicry and exaggeration of roles, but always starting from an existing reality. Also directors in the production stage, made several meetings with mothers to see behaviors, questions and problems that actually affect many women daily. Enjoy fast and secure access to Download Movies Online without paying or subscription.

If you’ve seen the saga Hangover and / or night out , you know exactly what toexpect and what not to bad mothers , humor follows the trail of his previous work, without trying to change the world, beyond take complicit smiles who feel identified with exposed situations. Here already you enter the mood of each other and different gags amused or not. Obviously, the film does not escape being a female version of its great success, the prefabricated script with mild protest garlands not hide an industrialized heart and fairly standardized. I feel that this may contradict a little weighty message that could be extracted from the film. If the message is stop trying to be “the best mother” because it is a concept nonexistent part, but each must be the mother who best they can and knows how tobe, leaving aside the daily stress and social conventions, enjoying his family and children; the film, far from being a ‘bad movie ” in tune with those mothers, prefer integrated into the ordinariness and be spread by the conventions of its genre and what the industry seems to ask ahead of their potential audience, limiting their inner voice (as movie). It seems content to be an hour and a half distended for stressed mothers, a mere parenthesis between your ordinary routine and unsatisfying.