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The War with Grandpa 2020 movie Review

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This is a family drama movie. In this movie, De Niro plays grandfather Ed, a former architect who sinks into depression after the death of his wife. When he loses his nerve in a supermarket, his daughter Sally (Uma Thurman) brings him to his home. There he meets...
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Hard Kill Movie Review

Hard Kill is an action thriller movie. Story of the movie takes place when a billionaire CEO Donovan Chalmers (Bruse Willis) hires a squad of mercenaries to protect life-threatening technology from the terrorist. The security expert and team leader Derek Miller finds himself in a deadly confrontation with...
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Mortal movie Review

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Mortal is a Fantasy adventure action movie. The movie’s main character is Eric. Eric is a young American backpacker who wanders the western part of Norway when he is arrested for the accidental and unexplained death of local youth. During his retention, he meets Christine, a young psychologist...
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The Best Comedies movies on Amazon Prime

The Best Comedies movies on Amazon Prime
Here the list of some Best Comedies movies on Amazon Prime: Fighting with My Family (2019): The film, directed and directed by Stephen Merchant, tells the story of a man who is a gangster and a former wrestler. Performing in small venues all over the country, the man...
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2020 Movies: The 5 Things We’re Most Excited to See

The 5 things we are excited to see: Birds of Prey: The crazy but yet talented and beautiful Harley Quinn character we know with Suicide Squad is back in February with Birds of Prey . Leaving the Joker, Harley Quinn joins forces with Gotham’s law fighter Helena Bertinelli...
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5 Big Holiday Movies Hitting Theaters in 2020

These are the 5 big movies hit the theater in 2020: Bad Boys for Life: 17 years after Bad Boys II, a new Bad Boys film will be released. moviesninja Pictures announced that the new film will be released on January 17, 2020. Martin Lawrence and Will Smith...
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Upcoming 2020 Horror Movies

Here the list of upcoming Horror Movies Online in 2020: 1. The Invisible Man: Cecilia Cass didn’t get along well with her boyfriend – the rich and brilliant scientist turned out to be a notorious sociopath. At some point, the woman simply runs away from home in what she...
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Watch New Horror Movies 2020

Here the list of Upcoming Horror movies to watch in 2020: 1. The Grudge : The Grudge follows “a single mother, Muldoon who works as a detective and discovers that a suburb house is cursed by a vindictive ghost that condemns those who enter with a violent death. Now,...
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Best Upcoming 2019 Hollywood Movies

There are numerous types of Hollywood movies released in 2019 but these are the latest upcoming Hollywood movies: 1) Joker: Joker is the most awaited 123netflix movie of 2019.This movie is telling us the story of Arthur Fleck, a man frustrated at not being able to be a...
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