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All you need to know about Avengers: Infinity War

A lot of humor in perspective in the third installment of the Avengers. And for good reason, the arrival of the grotesque but not less heroic Guardians of the Galaxy . This is what we have seen in a twenty-minute excerpt from the next episode of the Marvel saga, projected exclusively in London. Peter Quill and his band join Captain America, the Black Widow, Thor and Hulk. Get free movie downloads online for Other newcomers, the Spider-Man doll and the esoteric Doctor Strange will also occupy a central place in this movie. What to expect some rivalries with this melting pot of superheroes.


In this short passage, our favorite avengers seem in a very bad position. What’s more, some are missing. Those who remain do not always seem to agree. No luck, the vigilantes must face two extraterrestrial warriors, sent to the heart of Manhattan by the odious Thanos (Josh Brolin) to exterminate them and recover stones with magical powers. This evil wizard, a kind of Magneto of darkness, and his big evil bully will give Iron Man and his clique a hard time.


Meanwhile, Spider-man weaves canvases on the bridges, Hulk is angry – but not as usual – and the Guardians of the Galaxy roam the universe to make an encounter as unexpected as burlesque And this is just a taste of what’s waiting for fans. Ant-Man, Black Panther and Captain Marvel (who do not appear in the excerpt) will also join the band . Probably to join the forces of the Good in what the first images presaged as an epic confrontation, worthy of the battle of Naboo in the first episode of Star Wars .


In short, comic, epic And tragic? The tone of the trailer let us envision such a development. Not to mention the sad declarations of Stephen McFeely. Unleashed by Disney with his friend Christopher Markus to write the third and fourth parts, he had confided that some main characters would know a tragic fate in the next episodes. Was he talking about Infinity War ?


This is one of many questions that can be asked after download free full movie about other Avengers? Where are they? Has something happened to them? Will directors Joe and Anthony Russo, who are taking over the torch of Joss Whedon, find the right balance between humor and tragedy? Will the old Avengers also switch the Marvel torch to new kids for a new generation of superheroes? See you in theaters on Wednesday, April 25 to get the answers.