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2020 Movies: The 5 Things We’re Most Excited to See

The 5 things we are excited to see:

Birds of Prey: The crazy but yet talented and beautiful Harley Quinn character we know with Suicide Squad is back in February with Birds of Prey . Leaving the Joker, Harley Quinn joins forces with Gotham’s law fighter Helena Bertinelli and a close combat master Dinah Laurel from a crime-fighting family. The aim of the team is to rescue an innocent young girl who has been kidnapped by a mafia boss. The film, about Harley Quinn and his team’s struggle against the Black Mask, is one of the most anticipated Flixtor films of 2020.


No Time to Die: The famous British agent James Bond in the highly anticipated film No Time to Die on April 3, 2020. comes into vision in Turkey. The film, in which James Bond once again gives Daniel Craig a life, depicts the retired agent’s new life. Leaving active service, Bond enjoys retirement in Jamaica, and returns to duty one last time with the CIA’s old friend Felix Leiter asking for help. Bond, who must help rescue a kidnapped scientist, finds himself in a much more dangerous business than he thinks, pursuing a bad man armed with new technologies.


Godzilla and Kong come together : The two great monsters of the cinematic universe Godzilla Vs. Kong come together in the same film. The Movies joy film, which is planned to be released in 11 March 2020 in India. Movie is about the war between two giant creatures. The planet’s two greatest powers, Godzilla and Kong’s extraordinary war, are added to humanity’s future war. The Monarch organization provides clues about the origin of the Titans on a dangerous mission in the uncharted realm, while erasing both creatures from around the world.


Once again Pixar’s putting out original movie: Pixar Animation Studios, which has created many popular animation films. As in his other films, with the film Soul , Pixar is leading us to rediscover ourselves. The film takes us on a journey through the streets of New York to unexplored cosmic lands and the “You Seminar”. The lead character, middle school music teacher Joe Gardner, dreams of becoming a jazz pianist. After his first experience as a musician, Joe wanders the streets of New York, suddenly falls into a sewage pit and finds himself in a different world. Throughout the film, we will explore Joe’s journey back to Earth and question the elements that make us who we are.


Once again ready to watch horror A Quiet Place II : In this sequel Emily Blunt, with the children Noah Jupe, Millicent Simmonds, and newborn babies who have survived, will go out of their original home and continue to fight for survival, forced to explore the terrible and unknown world outside, of course, you must always hold your breath and can’t make a sound. Just seeing the pressure of a family fearing the sound in the notice makes people nervous together. This movie will be going to release on 20 March 2020.