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American HIstory X

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Edward Norton plays the character of a former neo-Nazi leader who has just completed a sentence of three years for murdering two young black men who tried to steal his van. The season in the shade has served to reflect and become a completely new person, radically changing their understanding of xenophobia. However, the reality […]

Fight Club

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A man suffers from insomnia and manages to discover that his affliction is remedied through participation in various support groups for terminally ill patients. While he encounters a person, Tyler Durden, who impresses him with ironical answers and a way of life very anticonsumerist. After some instances, Jack goes to live with Tyler to an […]

The Shawshank Redemption

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While this film was no longer only the adaptation of Stephen King favorite of those who do not like Stephen King and after spending much time in theaters became one of the most rented films in video history. Not even seven Oscar nominations up the box office, but the ball continued to grow and now […]

Anomalisa (2015)

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Michael Stone, a loner and pessimistic man, successful author of a self-help book is in Cincinatti to attend a congress. There he meets Lisa, young man who brings a new perspective to their existence.Film stop-motion animation of Charlie Kaufman creates a strange atmosphere in his light, in their voices, in their stiff movements. It’s like […]

Download The Finest Hours 2016 Movie

Download The Finest Hours 2016 Movie

February 1952. A terrible storm hits the Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The ocean breeze and breakout a massive oil tanker in two, the SS Pendleton: Captain and half the crew in dark deep waters. Fortunately, the engineer Ray Sybert knows the boat inside out and will do everything possible to gain some time before help arrives. […]

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