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War Dogs (2016)

Download War Dogs 2016 Movie

Efraim Diverol and David Packouz are two ambitious friends in their twenty residing in the the coast of Florida engaged in trade with weapons to earn large amount of money. During the Iraq war, the two friends take advantage of a little known gap in the system that allows small companies to bid on contracts […]

Straight Outta Compton (2015)

Download Straight Outta Compton 2016 Movie

“Rap is not art,” she exclaimed a skeptical police as he looked disdainfully at the “criminals” who had retained as a respectable man who insisted on calling -White- artists. Preconceived ideas about the appearance of musicians and young African Americans in general, is one of the major constraints to which American society is facing. Today […]

The Nice Guys

Download The Nice Guys 2016 Movie

Los Angeles, 1977: Holland is a private detective March petty hired to find a young woman named Amelia who participated in a porn movie. Jackson Healy is a thug hired by Amelia herself to out of the way to Holland. However, when Amelia disappears without a trace, Holland and Jackson will be stuck in a […]

American HIstory X

Download American History X Movie

Edward Norton plays the character of a former neo-Nazi leader who has just completed a sentence of three years for murdering two young black men who tried to steal his van. The season in the shade has served to reflect and become a completely new person, radically changing their understanding of xenophobia. However, the reality […]

Download Green Room 2015 Movie

Download Green Room 2015 Movie

After a long and unsuccessful tour, a punk rock -The Is not Rights- is unexpectedly hired to play at an unknown club located in a remote wooded area of Oregon. What should have been only a concert at a local third category becomes a harrowing and claustrophobic nightmare to run into the group, between racks, […]

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