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Download Central Intelligence 2016 Movie

Download Central Intelligence 2016 Movie

The film suggests ways as a buddy comedy where, as always, it seeks to exploit the unlikely alliance between two guys who have a common past. The character of Hart is a gray accountant whose life is not even a shadow of what he promised in his early year’s most popular guy in high school, […]


Download Superhero Movie

Rick Riker is a young , very clumsy, but with a big heart. One day he visits a center with his companions where genetically experiments are performed with animals like dragonflies. The unfortunate Riker is fortunate that pique one of these little critters. The bite changes his life because from then he discovers that he has […]

Download Epic movie

Download Epic Movie

The story revolves around four brothers who are not known. One lives in Mexico, another servant in the Louvre, another know in a plane full of snakes, and the last lives in a high school dominated by mutants and X-men. Strange coincidences, give an impressive chocolate factory where they find a wardrobe that moves to a […]

Meet The Spartans

Download Meet the Spartans Movie

Leonidas is the alarming news that the Persian army, commanded by the fearsome God-King Xerxes progressing towards Sparta to subdue under his tyrannical yoke. When asked volunteers among his own to face the enemy, only thirteen men gather enough courage to sacrifice for their country.

Angry Birds

Download Angry Birds 2016 Movie

An island is populated by happy flightless birds. In this paradise three birds do not fit: Red, a bird with a bad temper, rapid and volatile Bomb Chuck. When they get to the place with mysterious green pigs, the three marginalized try to find out what they hatch these newcomers strangers.