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Download Finding Dory 2016 Movie

Download Finding Dory 2016 Movie

Pixar gets older and one notices to realize that thirty years who founded one of the studies makes the animation more important in the world. Since then a variety of short and feature films have shaped icons generations of children whose children ‘s stories, heroes and role models born from this dream factory. After thirteen […]

The Lion King

Download The Lion King Movie

“The Lion King” was the first Disney movie with a completely original story , even though full of references to Shakespeare and Hamlet himself. A story which were involved in up to 26 writers of the house (of which almost half worked on the story of Beauty and the Beast, including Chis Sanders -Lilo & […]

Anomalisa (2015)

Download Anomalisa 2015 Movie

Michael Stone, a loner and pessimistic man, successful author of a self-help book is in Cincinatti to attend a congress. There he meets Lisa, young man who brings a new perspective to their existence.Film stop-motion animation of Charlie Kaufman creates a strange atmosphere in his light, in their voices, in their stiff movements. It’s like […]

Angry Birds

Download Angry Birds 2016 Movie

An island is populated by happy flightless birds. In this paradise three birds do not fit: Red, a bird with a bad temper, rapid and volatile Bomb Chuck. When they get to the place with mysterious green pigs, the three marginalized try to find out what they hatch these newcomers strangers.

Norm of the North 2016 Movie

Download Norm Of The North 2016 Movie

Norm ends up meeting Vera brilliantly, a true estate developer who works for the man. Greene, and finishes up following her back to the big apple so as to do and be the exponent for the arctic. He will therefore by sign language up for Greene’s casting demand an actor to portray an ice bear […]

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