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Download Zombie Massacre 2 Reich of the Dead 2015 Movie

Download Zombie Massacre 2: Reich of the Dead 2015 Movie

Director: Luca Boni, Marco Ristori

Stars: Andrew Harwood Mills, Dan van Husen, Aaron Stielstra

Releasing Date: 8 June 2015 (UK)

Plot: The  Allied forces fighting bitterly against the German occupiers. Fleeing from an SS unit encountered a small group of GIs in a forest on a seemingly abandoned factory. As entrench the soldiers for the night Stay there, they discover the cruel truth. It is a cloaked former concentration camp where the Nazis performed sick experiments on the prisoners, first names to create an indestructible weapon.

Download Zombie Massacre 2: Reich of the Dead 2015 Movie

Download Bombshell Bloodbath 2014 Movie

Download Bombshell Bloodbath 2014 Movie

Director: Brett Mullen

Stars: Alex Elliott, Ed Ricker, Rob Springer

Releasing Date: 21 January 2015 (USA)

Plot: The equally ingenious as crazy Dr. Ben Carter, formerly the Department of Disease Control staff tried to use his medical skills to awaken his wife from dead. For this purpose, he experimented first with rats, then with human corpses, which initially dug for this purpose by the local cemetery. Mad Doctor developed his own substance “Injection C-900”.

Download Bombshell Bloodbath 2014 Movie


Download Night of the Living Dead Movie

Director: Tom Savini

Stars: Patricia Tallman, McKee Anderson, Heather Mazur, Zachary Mott

Releasing Date: 19 October 1990 (USA)

Plot: Barbara visited with her brother on a very remote cemetery mother’s grave. The brother is attacked by a zombie, Barbara survives and finds as well as many other refuge in a small house. While hiding inside, the number of the living dead outside multipart. Just a shot in the head stops her.  Download Night of the Living Dead Movie


Download House on Haunted Hill Movie

Director: William Malone

Stars: Peter Gallagher, Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, Famke Janssen, Jeffrey Combs

Releasing Date: 29 October 1999 (USA)

Plot: Mr. Steve Price is a pretty hefty horror enthusiastic person. Amazing what can come up with anything to shock the visitors to his horror theme parks really. He has enough money for such jokes and a beautiful woman to do so. Only his Evelyn wants a little unusual twisted character, the specific treatment.  Download House on Haunted Hill Movie


Download Escape from Sobibor Full Movie

Director: Jack Gold

Stars: Joanna Pacula, Hartmut Becker, Joanna Pacula, Simon Gregor

Releasing Date: 12 April 1987 (USA)

Plot: The longer living in the camp prisoners know of course only too well what happened at Sobibor and more precisely in three camps. A not going out fire that lights up the sky at night and the day darkens the sun, testifies every day of it. But the Jews do not want to put up with their fate. Again and again they try to escape. Unsuccessful. One day, now every day there are three trains with Jews, a group of prisoners of war moved into the camp. All Russians and all shocked at what happened in Sobibor.  Download Escape from Sobibor Full Movie